The Cardinals on the Wrong Side of History, again?

I love people. I love sports. It’s sad when some people in sports don’t love other people in sports.

Check out this article by Ishmael H. Sistrunk on the St. Louis Cardinals. There are eerie similarities from 1947 and 2014. Which side of history will you be on? Which side of history will the church be on?

Sistrunk writes:

Over and over Cardinals fans respond angrily to peaceful protesters, suggesting that they do not belong here. The piercing prejudice and irony to those remarks fall upon deaf ears. They claim protests should not disrupt America’s pastime, but wear jerseys altered to read “I am Darren Wilson.”

It’s not just Cardinals fans who are disgusted by those demanding justice for Brown, Kajieme Powell, Vonderrit Myers and others during sacred sports and entertainment events. The staggering amount of vicious, blatantly racist comments left on The St. Louis American’s video of the protest at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra has made me truly question my faith in humanity.

Click here to read Sistrunk’s full post.

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Joe Kim is a student at Princeton Theological Seminary and pastor to young people at Salem United Methodist Church in Harlem, New York.

Photo Credit: Image used under Creative Commons from pdsphil via Wikimedia.